An invitation that means squat

2016 GPS Summer Showcase

The GPS Summer Slam College Showcase.

That means I set the alarm for 4:45AM and the wheels were rolling at 5:15AM. Someone I crewed with at the Needham Academy, Ruben Seyde, said that the assignor for this tournament was kind of a big deal and therefore it was important I made a good impression.

I think the first impression went well, but the first thing the big-wig assignor told me was that my first game at 8:00AM was cancelled. A little mental math told me that I could have set my alarm for 6:30AM if I had known this, but oh-well. Bad luck. Nothing you can do.

So I grabbed my stuff and shimmied up close to the assignors desk. By desk I mean the back seat of a golf cart.

Sure enough some referees didn’t show up and I was assigned a U18 boys game as the first game (AR1). Actually both my first games (ARs) went fine. Downside of having those two games was that I was supposed to have had a game break before I centered my game at 11:30. Nothing you can do, right?

The real reason why I came up was to center the U17 boys game that include one of the top teams in the country. I want to keep chasing better quality competition and on paper this looked like a good one.

My game was uneventful, which is a good thing. I feel as though I did well and there was a great level of pace and physicality that made it worth my while. I could have done a little better checking with my ARs but on the positive side I my calls were good, my positioning was great, fitness was great…I felt good about it.

Best part was at the handshakes after the game. One coach said that was the best officiating he has had in a while…and then asked if I could referee his league’s semi-pro games.

Well….A couple of things on that:

  • I am not sure my certification allows me to do semi-pro;
  • Even if my certification does allow I do not feel qualified to handle semi-pro (yet)…give me another couple of years;
  • Are you empowered to assign referees for games, coach. It would be really flattering if you were but somehow I am not sure….

Nevertheless it was very nice of him to say so I thanked him profusely. I also give him my name (you knew I would!). Who knows? Maybe he is able to give out assignments (and someday I will feel qualified enough to accept)!!!

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